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Embarking on a new initiative or major capital project is a complex process. Revenue capture opportunities, operational impacts, and true capital costs are only some of the many issues that must be studied prior to embarking on a decision to proceed. Since embarking on any initiative often results in secondary effects, accounting for all of the relevant operational and financial impacts is a key step to undertake.

The Shpigler Group leverages its experience to facilitate partnerships, identify the best system approaches and develop complete system designs for clients. We have found that many clients have an idea of what they want to do, but have not developed a detailed business plan that directs the initiative toward the desired results. Or, in other cases, an initial business plan has been developed, but help is needed in developing a full system design. We work hand in hand with client staff to determine best practices for the client and how any proposed solutions impact their day-to-day business financially and operationally. Short term impact can be as crucial as the long term effects, and we reflect that understanding in our proposed solutions.

Some common areas where clients have sought our support include:

  • Developing detailed financial models to evaluate project viability

  • Developing plans in distribution automation and smart grid/smart water implementations

  • Developing capital allocation initiatives to select among competing capital projects

  • Supporting operating efforts to combat expected efforts of aging workforce trends

  • Finding ways to improve system performance and increase reliability metrics

Below is a sample of some of our work in feasibility studies:

  • Preparing system automation feasibility study for municipal four-service utility (electric, gas, water, wastewater). Evaluated economic and operational impacts of a wide variety of programs, including advanced metering, prepaid metering, connect/disconnect, fault detection, voltage management, phase & load balancing, feeder gateway temperature monitoring, smart pumping, and leak detection. Conducted iterative analysis to identify optimal business case with over 25% IRR.

  • Developing a smart water strategy for a county water system. Assessed the systems providing support for water operations and developed gap analysis to identify the optimal approach to increase operational efficiencies. Developed financial model to assess the viability of automation approaches to yield additional value.

  • Developing smart grid business model for investor owned utility. Analyzed program impacts from over twenty targeted programs. Evaluated projected impacts to capital and operating budgets, fuel charges, and ratepayer impact to evaluate rate case implications and shareholder value proposition. Utilized model to evaluate viability of unregulated business opportunities.

  • Developing fiber build operational strategy for Midwestern municipal utility in conjunction with existing network. Designed optimal network build, developed business model to quantify financial impact, and provided operational support to assist in bringing the business strategy to full scale operation.

  • Preparing feasibility study for Western municipal utility interested in pursuing retail communications endeavor. Collected utility data and calculated cost implications for four separate network architectures. Identified market opportunity for retail broadband delivery and used demographic data and competitive intelligence to develop projected market penetration rates. Worked with utility staff to develop plan for supporting distribution automation applications.

  • Developing detailed operational analysis of proposed smart grid program for electric utility. Evaluated deployment potential of variety of generation, transmission, and distribution programs. Worked with client’s smart grid committee members to revise business case assumptions and develop detailed deployment plans.

The Shpigler Group will work with clients from beginning to end, identify resources needed, and design a solution that fits with your specific needs. Please contact us at info@shpigler.com to find more about how we can help you succeed.

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