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Entering into a new market can represent a daunting effort. The risks associated with an unsuccessful product or service launch can be great, requiring a great deal of due diligence prior to embarking on the project. Unfortunately, there are a great number of unknown factors that often come into play that can drive the success or failure of a new market entry. Customer acceptance, cost positions, competitive response, and deployment costs are only a few of the many issues that must be considered when pursuing a new market venture.

The Shpigler Group leverages its experience in the field of analysis to quantify the true market potential – before money, time, and energy are invested on a new project. We have databases at our disposal that allow us to evaluate the demographics associated with any market and the resultant projected adoption rate of a new service or product.

The Shpigler Group works with clients to develop their product and service plans and bring them to market. Furthermore, with our analytic tools, we are able to translate market characteristics into financial projections that can be used to evaluate market strategies.

Some common areas where clients have sought our support include:

  • Conducting analysis of market demographics to project likely participation rates for demand response programs

  • Developing financial models in support of new market entry or product enhancement

  • Developing value chain analysis to identify the optimal product and service positioning for the target application

  • Conducting market analysis to choose from among competing market opportunities

Below is a sample of some of our work in market analysis:

  • Developing detailed operational analysis of proposed energy demand management program for investor owned utility. Evaluated potential system impact of customer-facing load curtailment programs coupled with distributed energy resource program to yield a “virtual power plant” approach. Worked with client’s smart grid committee members to build business case assumptions and develop detailed deployment plans.

  • Developing report on trends in municipal utility deployments of wireless infrastructure on behalf of Fortune 500 wireless equipment manufacturer. Profiled key emerging trends in municipal Utilities Telecommunication Service Provider community and highlighted practices among competing equipment vendors. Developed go-to-market strategy aimed at increasing penetration in municipal utility sector.

  • Developing business plan for Western telecommunications provider planning on launching statewide broadband access deployment. Analyzed market potential associated with five target markets and provided deployment strategy for each. Provided background information in support of planned partnership with infrastructure developer.

  • Developing a go-to-market strategy on behalf of global developer of advanced optronics equipment. Profiled opportunities associated with utility telecommunications market and determined optimal approach for increasing market share. Conducted market research to identify key market trends and opportunities in establishing strategic partnerships with related industry participants.

  • Collecting information on market potential for manufacturer of fiber-based Wave Division Multiplexing systems. Analyzed Utilities Telecommunication Service Providers market and delivered views on optimal market entry approach. Developed analysis on market potential and identified top customer targets. Delivered briefing outlining key market characteristics for dedicated sales staff.

  • Preparing go-to-market strategy for Northeastern municipal Utilities Telecommunication Service Provider. Developed complete business plan to test viability of various market approaches to enhance financial performance of existing Fiber-To-The-Home business. Conducted market study to assess consumer perceptions of existing and planned market offerings and price points. Identified key factors associated with increasing market penetration. Identified viable business partnerships with local enterprises to establish optimal private-public partnerships.

The Shpigler Group will work with clients from beginning to end, identify resources needed, and design a solution that fits with your specific needs. Please contact us at info@shpigler.com to find more about how we can help you succeed.


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