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The Shpigler Group employs our strategy and operating resources to work hand in hand with our clients to design working solutions for long-term value creation. In some cases, we are called upon to help a new market entrant to enter the market by developing an overall market assessment, system design, and go-to-market strategy. In other cases, we are called upon by clients who have existing operations in place but require advanced solutions to take the organization to the next level without ‘fork-lifting’ existing investments. Our team takes direct feedback from our clients to find the ‘pinch points’ in the overall strategy and develop key strategic initiatives that result in the achievement of overall objectives.

Some common areas where clients have sought our support include:

  • Developing plans to upgrade existing operations and develop a new set of market opportunities

  • Identifying and evaluating opportunities for technology implementation

  • Evaluating opportunities in new customer engagement approaches

  • Developing 'game theory' analysis to help our clients evaluate competitive response

  • Supporting operations and system integration efforts

Below is a sample of some of our work in strategy development:

  • Developing assessment of 'smart grid' program under development by Southwestern investor owned utility. Profiled industry developments in distribution automation, advanced metering, and demand response and compared client’s activities to industry norms. Developed detailed financial model to evaluate cost effective areas for system implementation. Highlighted key gap areas and opportunities for added value creation.

  • Developing ten-year strategy study on behalf of utility and telecom service provider that leverages its current business strengths, assets, and business plans and helps predict directions and milestones for markets to invest in. Assessed market development scenarios including high-level use cases, technologies, partners, competitors, established vendors, new vendors, current customers, new customers, business models, and go-to-market options. Developed recommendations on strategic direction, including customer development, partnerships, and acquisitions to consider.

  • Devloping AMI and Distribution Automation plan for investor owned utility. Conducted assessment of use cases associated with automating utility programs based on operating characteristics. Developed migration strategy to identify the optimal path to incorporate elements of communication network, infrastructure devices, automation programs, optimization systems, and overall grid modernization. Aligned plans with state PUC requirements by develop short-term and long-term operating targets.

  • Developing complete distribution automation business plan for Southwestern electric utility. Designed business model to support initiative that included automatic meter reading and intelligent grid applications for a total of three million electric and gas meters. Evaluated technology platforms and conducted financial modeling test of competing technical approaches and network designs.

  • Providing support for satellite provider seeking to enter into partnership with electric utilities in order to deploy broadband system over electric grid. Identified leading utility partner candidates and facilitated contract discussions. Conducted financial analysis to identify viable partnership structures and developed term sheets. Developed engineering designs to allow for interface between distribution automation deployment and retail broadband operations.

  • Authored industry report for North American electric, natural gas pipeline and water utility executives that assesses the criticality of communications and information technology as they migrate to the next generation of energy and water infrastructures. Evaluated the major technology trends and presented case for direction of critical infrastructure community. Evaluated the significant industry programs that are currently exploring next-generation technology options and presented solutions that offer best practices. Assessed technology implications on financial and operational aspects of utility business. Highlighted forward-looking trends and presented case for optimal 'smart grid' strategies.

The Shpigler Group will work with clients from beginning to end, identify resources needed, and design a solution that fits with your specific needs. Please contact us at info@shpigler.com to find more about how we can help you succeed.


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